USPS could save $3.2 billion with Electric Mail Trucks (4K/UHD)

United States Postal Service fleet of vehicles on parking lot, U.S.A.

The post office is looking for new trucks. They can save $18,000 per truck by going with electric and get a much better fleet.

Segment bumper by Greg the Hero. “Perspectives” by Kevin MacLeod —

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2 Comments on USPS could save $3.2 billion with Electric Mail Trucks (4K/UHD)

  1. The Post Office could save us a lot of business by just going out of business. Most of their cargo is junk mail and having worked a number of times at their facilities the behind the scenes workers are mostly lazy and irresponsible.
    Get rid of the PO, use email!

    • They serve a vital and lasting purpose. While I may not agree with it, it’s for the common good. I appreciate our differences of opinion. I hope you’ll post more comments on this site, my friend.

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