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Readers – We never collect any data to personally identify individual readers. We do employ Webalizer and Google Analytics to track our statistics, each of which may record what site you came from, how many pages you viewed, and from where in the world you did so, but this information is entirely incapable of individually identifying you as a reader.

Some of our advertisers may further track IP addresses in order to ensure that fraud is not being committed against clients, but again, this may never personally identify you. If you have further question, please review the privacy policies listed on Google Adsense and Value Click Media. Any additional advertisers we may have will be required to comply to these industry leading standards.

Contributing Commenters – If you wish to post comments to an article, you will be required to create an account and validate it via email correspondence. This is not in order to track or record you, but to lessen the impact of spam against our system. We will never send you any messages, bulk or otherwise, to the email address you used to register. We also do not sell, trade or otherwise share the list of registered users with any other company.

The only time we will ever share what little we know about your account will be limited to orders from recognized courts within the United States.

Contributing Commenters are also bound by the privacy terms laid out for “Readers” as listed above.

Contributing Writers – If you become a contributing writer, which we strongly encourage, your personal information will likewise remain private. The expansion from the terms laid out for “Contributing Commenters” is that members of our editorial staff may email or otherwise contact you (via methods specified by you) in order to clarify article content, suggest future articles, or discuss compensation.

For paid writers, we may require you to furnish your Tax Identification number (individual or business) prior to the end of the year, as required by law for filing with the Internal Revenue Service (for income in excess of $400 only.)

Contributing writers are also bound by the privacy terms laid out for “Readers” and “Contributing Commenters” as listed above.

Advertisers – If you choose to advertise on, we will not respond to any requests for personally identifying information, except from recognized United States courts of law, or to companies that you may have purported to represent. We will never disclose to anyone, including your competitors or other publishers, the terms of your advertising package under any circumstances. We also will never sell, trade or otherwise disclose your information to other companies without your express written consent, regardless of the intended purpose.

Advertisers are otherwise bound by the privacy terms laid out above for all other classes of site users.


All texts, images and code on this site are Copyright CaliforniaWithKids, 2011 or later. No portion of this site may be reproduced in part or whole without explicit permission granted in writing by an editor of This also includes reader comments and outside submissions beyond our own staff.

Disclaimer makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the information presented on this site. While we do our best to ensure that information is timely, accurate and wholly factual, factors beyond our control often arise. These may include companies going out of business, changes in localized economies, weather, seasonal fluctuation, transition of ownership, transition of management, natural disaster, acts of God, terrorism, or other factors beyond the scope of our imagination. The reader assumes all liability to verify our information before taking action based upon it. If you find errors in our database, we hope you’ll bring it to our attention so others may avoid such mistakes.

Endorsement Relationship Disclosure

The writing and editorial staff of consider ourselves to have relationships of some kind with every party we review. In many cases, the relationship is only one of professional friendship, which does require disclosure, but in others it is more direct.

Full Disclosure:
– As of the creation of this disclaimer, we have not received cash from any party reviewed. We will soon open up to outside, direct ads, but we will further disclose if we ever accept advertisements in advance of any review.

– Some of the tourist attractions, museums and events reviewed have offered complimentary admission for our review staff, as well as behind-the-scenes access, photo permission where it would otherwise be restricted, and direct access to owners and executives for interview purposes.

– A few of the products reviewed have been provided free of charge for evaluation. Some of these products are loaned, others are given. None has had a retail value higher than $19.99.

– None of the “free” attractions (free museums, public parks, etc.) have provided any form of compensation or consideration.

– A few restaurants offered discounted or complimentary meals.

– A few hotels offered discounted or complimentary lodging.

– Some of the reviews we’ve written have resulted in back-links pointing to our site. This has never been discussed in advance of review, and is only offered to us at the discretion of the webmasters.

– Some of the parties reviewed may have purchased ads through the Google Adsense Network that appear on our site. When this happens, it is not due to any action on our part, and we never solicit for it, and the ads will also appear equally on other sites with relevant keywords.

– Some of the parties reviewed may be owned or managed by persons known to us, including, but not limited to: friends, family members or colleagues.

Additional Notes:
No party is ever promised favorable coverage in exchange for discounts or complimentary consideration. Review inclusion does not require discounts or complimentary consideration.

It is not universally true that we only provide favorable reviews. We try to avoid negative reviews, and in many cases we will withhold from publication when something is not worth recommendation. We have written favorable reviews for parties that did not provide discounts or complimentary consideration, and negative reviews of ones that have. We believe our track record shows that there is no correlation between discounts and endorsement, and we stand by all of our reviews, good or bad.

If you would like to inquire about a specific review, please use our contact page and we will respond as quickly as possible, in writing, on the record.

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