CaliforniaWithKids.com was founded by a group of parents looking to put together a publication aimed precisely at parents, whether they live in California or are just planning to visit California. Since then it’s grown to cover much of the state, as well as some really interesting places within a weekend drive.

With over a million page views, and over tens of thousands of views on our newly launched video channel, we aim to cover every business relevant to parenting and tourism in and around the state.

California is a very big, very diverse, historic and interesting state, and one we strongly recommend to travelers of any sort, but especially those looking for an unforgettable vacation with their children.
Our team of writers, editors, and advertising sales staff are committed to meeting your needs, and we manage operations in-state and out-of-state as well. This ensures that we can cover all aspects with the highest quality and greatest diversity for our readers and advertisers, as well as a steady flow of new material on all the topics that matter most.

Do the attractions pay for reviews?

Never. We have never accepted payment in order to perform a review. Sometimes we receive discounted rates or complimentary admission, and sometimes we don’t even announce ourselves to the staff. The price we pay will have no bearing on the tone of the review. In some cases we write reviews without even participating, such as in the case of downhill mountain biking. The children we had in our party were simply too young to participate, so we interviewed and photographed for the story.

If you see an article that you believe is unjustly kind or unjustly cruel, please post your perspective (politely) in the comments. We approve all comments that use PG language, even if they disagree with us. You may also contact us directly using the form below. We always aim to be fair and will address any concerns you have about our the editorial aspect of our content.

Where is my review?

If we visited your location, but you haven’t heard from us, or haven’t seen your review appear, it’s likely it’s in the queue already scheduled to run. Send us an email to inquire and we’ll get back with you as quick as we can with a proof copy of your review, as requested.

Staff / Departments

Brian White – Editor
Brendan Alexander – Writer
Dominic Benjamin – Writer
Bob van der Valk – Contributor
Melissa Dee – Publicity Coordinator


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need any professional services, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately by emailing or using the form below. Be sure to specify who you’re trying to reach, and be as specific as possible so we can get back in touch with you right away.


If you require urgent attention, you can call us at (206) 497-9183.

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