Beware Your Parking – How to Keep Your Stuff Secure on Vacation

In college I rented an apartment in the basement of my sister’s quiet, backwater, suburban home, and none of us locked our cars at night. The crime rate was as near to zero as you could hope to find. Mind you this was 16-years ago, and we were in a flag-lot, so the house was buried deep down an invisible driveway. When I found my car broken into one morning, I was furious, mostly at myself, even though I only lost the loose change from my ashtray… so just imagine how I felt last month when my car was broken into, my Tom-Tom GPS was stolen (never worked that well anyhow), half my dashboard ripped out, and something even more precious was stolen. Continue reading Beware Your Parking – How to Keep Your Stuff Secure on Vacation

Beach Chalet Offers Unrivaled Menu, View

There’s a handful of things you have to do when you go to San Francisco, such as see the Golden Gate Bridge, take a stroll through Alcatraz (preferably in a stroller), and see the expansive, though not expensive, San Francisco Zoo. There are other must-sees along the way. For example, if you’re going to the zoo, you have to go to the Beach Chalet. Continue reading Beach Chalet Offers Unrivaled Menu, View

Journalist Insists “Seriously, Almost Done with San Fran”

I know it feels like we’ve been in San Fran for like a thousand years or so, but it really wasn’t that long. It’s more about the fact that we really had a blast and a half and we wanted to share as much as we could with all you good people.

And it’s because we love you so much that we’ve removed almost ten of the articles about San Francisco we intended to run, instead opting to offer them as part of our forthcoming travel book, “Perplexed in San Francisco, Seeing The City with Kids”. No matter, you’ve suffered through enough of these mediocre pieces and I’m happy to tell you they’re just about done. Continue reading Journalist Insists “Seriously, Almost Done with San Fran”

Kid a Big Beach says “I’m a Son of a Beach”

When I awoke this morning in the midst of my vacation, we were stopping to stretch out our legs. I found sandy shores with thundering waves and oh mama had I ever come home.

I’ve heard of sons of beaches before but never knew the meaning until now. The surfers, joggers, beachcombers and dog walkers are all family here, they’re all sons of beaches. Now that I’ve met this great mother I understand why it’s so reknowned. It’s great fun and spans a vast area of the globe, appearing to be literally hundreds of yards long. Continue reading Kid a Big Beach says “I’m a Son of a Beach”

Buying the Best, Cheapest, Smartest Light Bulbs Should for Your Home or Office

There is a lot of talk about the Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL Lights) on the market today, and some discussion about whether or not they’re a good thing overall. These have been legally mandated in other countries like Australia for years because the government feels it’s easier to make them the law rather than build more coal-fired power plants they can’t afford. But is it really cheaper for you, the consumer? Here’s a quick run-down that will show you the real costs, real savings and real benefits of letting the century-old incandescent light go the way of the dodo. Continue reading Buying the Best, Cheapest, Smartest Light Bulbs Should for Your Home or Office

Gasoline is Too Damn High!

Jimmy McMillan, who claims to be Irish, has started a new campaign using a variation of his slogan “Rent is too damn high!” in order to lower gasoline prices. It’s comical to watch his YouTube video taken in front of the White House but he makes his point:

Gasoline is too damn high!

His formula: More Drilling = More Gasoline = Lower Gasoline Prices

Consumers are once again being told with gas price stories we see on TV and read in newspapers gas prices are too high and much worse now than they have been in the past. But gasoline consumers have short memories and will forget the details once the pump prices start going lower again.

Sticky Note

Gasoline prices are unlikely to go back down as fast as they went up with the Middle East North Africa unrest continuing, the fallout of the Japanese nuclear plant meltdown not yet determined as well as the constricting requirements by the US Environment Protection Agency creating boutique gasoline in parts of the country with air pollution.

Crude oil is selling for around $96 dollars a barrel but we can all remember when oil was over $100 dollars, even $120 and $140 dollars a barrel not too long ago.

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil located in Cushing, OK was the financial benchmark used in the past to set the price for virtually all global oil pricing. At the beginning of this year it was replaced with the Brent crude oil posting on the Intercontinental Exchange of London. The WTI price is now disconnected with crude oil markets and does not represent the “real” price of crude oil.

Cushing is filled to the brim with supply and because it is landlocked and difficult to ship incoming crude further south to the US Gulf Coast refineries. Financially, the WTI contract is good for trading by index investors, ETF’s, energy hedge funds and individual traders, all going long in a market betting on crude prices to go back up.

Is gasoline is too damn high? And what are going to do about it is not as simple as the slogan Jimmy McMillan invented. The answer is we need a National Energy Policy to give us long term security from world events playing havoc with the price we pay at the pump.

Choose Out-of-Town Motels for Best Value, Least Attitude

During our lengthy visit to San Francisco, we had intended to check out two hotels and maybe a couple bed & breakfasts for a single day, but as with everything in our lives, you just never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. If your yesterday had a promise that today can’t deliver and your budget feels as strained as it is, don’t feel bad, just hop back in the ride and get out of town. Continue reading Choose Out-of-Town Motels for Best Value, Least Attitude

Evelyn Cameron Heritage “Chair-ity” Silent Auction

Rialto Theater circa 1989

The Evelyn Cameron Heritage “Chair-ity” Silent Auction will be held from May 16 through 25, 2011

The Chair-ity is a unique community-wide silent auction fundraising event for the Evelyn Cameron Heritage – Rialto Theater improvement project.

From May 16 through 20, 2011 six chairs, decorated by Prairie County artists and their families, will be on display at the Stockman Bank in Terry, Montana.

Typical decorated chairs to be auctioned off by 3 pm May 25, 2011

The silent auction will close on May 25 at 3:00 pm and last bids will be allowed to be either called into Glenda Ueland at (406) 635-2126 or in person at the Sassy One Clothing Store in Terry, Montana up until that time. All proceeds of the Chair-ity Silent Auction will go directly towards funding for the Evelyn Cameron Heritage – Rialto renovation project in Terry, Montana.

Pictures of the decorated chairs will be published on the Evelyn Cameron web site at: or posted on the Sassy One Clothing Store FaceBook page.

Glenda Ueland
Terry, Montana
(406) 635-2126

Bay Cruise Adventure a Really Great Tour

Since we were hitting the San Fran waterfront as hard as we were able, we decided to wander over to pier 41 and buy ourselves a bay cruise. At first we were disappointed because a simple “cruise” wasn’t available, but what we were offered instead was a “bay adventure”, so we took that and it was as fantastic on the water as it was rocky/rolly on the water. Continue reading Bay Cruise Adventure a Really Great Tour