When in San Fran, You Must Check Out the Trollys

San Francisco is rich in cultural heritage and history, at least inasmuch as it may be accredited to a city with less than three hundred years history. I’ve seen places in China with 6,000 years of history, but don’t take that as any discredit, the ding-ding-dinging trolley cars of San Francisco represent something more than an ancient and forgotten (or best forgotten) history, and therefore, when the trollies go ding-ding-ding, so goes us tourists.

We hit up San Francisco, we hit up the hills, and we even looked our way toward stepping up into the silly old cable cars of the wild and wily hills, and we paid them their due homage. These cool old trolley cars are as good for tourists as they are for inner-city commuters, and we’re none to say boo about it. If it’s good enough for a hundred years of uninterrupted civilization, they’re good enough to warrant our attention, and from there, they’re good enough to ride all day and night.

If you go to San Francisco, whether or not you decide to wear flowers in your hair, you need to check out the Trolley cars. They run daily from street to street and neighborhood to neighborhood at reasonable prices that you can pay in advance or to the conductor once you step onto the car.

There’s so much more that’s uncommon, strange and delightful about the trolley cars, but much like Mr. Rogers left it to me to discover, I’ll leave it to you to discover too, but I’m willing to share the information as I impart it to you in my other article, the one based on my review of the cable car museum.

kids love the San Francisco Trolley cars
Above – These here trolley cars go from hilltops to hillbottoms, cross-town to back-cross-town, and from dong to ding-ding.

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