Hotel Del Sol Nothing Short of Mismo Del Fun

When we decided to take our own personal holiday to San Francisco, we looked all throughout our guidebooks and the Internet too to find the best place to give our hard-earned shekels in trade for odd nights of accommodation, so we weighed it heavily, looked at all our options, and came up with only one conclusion, the Hotel Del Sol.

The place is super sweet for us juniors, as it’s laden tooth to gill with brightly colored walls and smiling staffy faces, but the parents like it too, even though they appreciate it with a very different degree of appreciation.

Here’s what I dig so deeply of the metaphorical ditch which is the San Francisco Hotel Del Sol:

  • Heated pool.
  • Book library from which we can check out as many books as we can read.
  • Pillow library, so if the one you get is too fat, skinny, feathery or otherwise unacceptable, you can take out another pillow.
  • Fun, festive, vibrant colors that lend us juniors fun by day, but don’t keep us awake by night.
  • Free parking, both in the building and across the street (if you’re oversized.)
  • The place is quiet as crazy from about ten o’clock at night. It’s not in a decidedly downtown area so the ambient noise drops to nothing at night; and the hotel, being precisely kid-friendly, offers no more of its own noise after hours so both us and the parents can get their much-needed sleep as required (to help us recharge for tomorrow).
  • Soaps are all, not just “non-generic” but handmade, which supports local artisans in such a way as to lend to best uses by allergenic kids, parents and other visitors and travelers.
  • Conveniently located. No seriously, it’s a tough debate. The hotel is within 8-blocks of the touristy attractions of Fisherman’s Wharf (in one direction) and Nob Hill (in the other) but it’s still in a place that’s both quiet and reasonable.
  • Did I mention it’s reasonably priced? When we got our floors done we stayed at the Westin in Seattle, which is only three miles from our home, but this place cost half of what that sorry (though new and nice) hotel cost us, and we stayed there in the off-season. The Hotel Del Sol isn’t the cheapest place in town, but we wouldn’t stay in any of those hotels, and neither would you, with your kids along for the ride. Still, this place is as fine as any, has all the amenities you could want for you and your kids and still costs half of what a hotel would in any first-market city.
  • If you’re going to San Francisco (and traveling with your most precious, valuable and invaluable children) you should look for a place that is reasonably safe, reasonably quiet, and has an assortment of reasonable amenities that cater most specifically to the most fickle in your party, and those are always the kids in your group.

    Southwestern Mosaic Artwork pleases all, even children
    Above – Take into consideration that this is the exit to the hotel. They’ve already impressed you, already given you what you wanted, but when it comes time to leave, they still want you to have some more experience to savor. You show me a hotel with a nicer exit-only and I’ll stay there too.

    Although I can’t guarantee your successful stay at the Hotel Del Sol, I will personally assert that finding anything less than total satisfaction would be perfectly uncalled for. We’ve stayed at our share (and then some) of public hotels, we’ve traveled the world across and we know a good hotel when we find one but, more importantly, we know a child-friendly hotel when we see one, and this is hands-down the best one we’ve ever seen.

    If you’re going to San Francisco with your children, take a serious look at the Hotel Del Sol. It’s a heavily renovated 50s era motor lodge, but they’ve worked so very hard to update the building, determine a theme and live up to it in finest fashion. We’re not the easiest critics you’ve ever seen, and we’re frankly pretty hard to please, but this place did it. They didn’t comp us any extras nor grant us any special consideration as consumers, but we loved the place just the same.

    If you’ve got kids and you want to see San Fran, check out the Hotel Del Sol. They’re as centrally located as you could want if you still value your peace and quiet, they’ll work harder than any to keep you happy, and if you stay there, well, I’ll bet my top and bottom dollars you’ll be as happy as we were that you’ll get your money’s worth and then some.

    That’s all I’m saying without a contribution to my college fund, just that. We liked them, we had a good stay and we’re confident you will too, and we’re willing to stake our reputation on it.

    Above – The hotel colors are bright and festive, the trees are wrapped with lights for nighttime and even the poolside pavement is livened up… Why? Because people like us like it better that way, and they care about what we want.

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