Getting Kids Back Out on the Road… Again

Yeah, you caught it, I’ve been back home from China and settled into the work-a-day home for a ridiculously long two months now. Thems months is over and I’m back out answering the Bedouins call of the open road. Adventure awaits and it would be rude of me to keep it a’waitin’ too long.

Me and Daddy-O are free spirits always looking for a way to seek out new means of uncovering, discovering and exploring the world. So what’s next? Oh, it’s a little thing I would like to coin a “road-trip.” That’s a term I just made up myself. Last time we took an air-trip and that was all kinds of no fun at all. Forget 600mph, I think 55mph is more my speed. Sure there’s less clouds but just look at all the cacti I can spy with my big blue eye(s).

So what’s our plan? Oh, us wand’rin’ folk gots no plans… but, that aside, we’re heading south gonna try to see us some Redwood forest type trees (I’m told they’re fairly big-ish), find some California coastline and maybe take in some surfing, who knows? No matter, we can do whatever we like in the name of adventure, baby. It’s all just pure adventure… though I’m kind of told that we do have a very specific plan and a very specific purpose, but no mind!

Baby and mama ain’t gonna join us on this one though, thems peoples not so travelsome like me so they’re chillin’ out at home base. I’m proud of my upward-mobility but Dominic prides — probably prides himself (I imagine though I’ve never asked) on his downward-mobility. Such things exist? Oh schucks, let’s not split hairs. Mama’s stuck hanging out with him because she’s all “oh look at me I’m the nurturey type.” So, who knows, you know? Me? Nope, don’t know.

So keep your browsers and peepers peeling in the coming days and we’ll keep you posted on our open-road journeys as they unfold, unfurl, unravel and unflop. I don’t know if you’re ready to read about our semi-dangeresque endeavors but we’re nearing up on the need to share ’em with you. So hold on to your Huggies kiddies, we’re up for the excursion and down for the adventure.

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