Junior Kiddo Admits: I Got Nothing

Yeah, I know I said I’d be writing to you guys from the road but the truth is ugly. Road life really takes a toll on you and all I can do to preserve my sanity is put writing aside and soak my fragile bits in a tepid tub of bubbles.

So that’s m’ story. The road is a tough butt to crack and I’m nothing but giddy to be sopping wet, pruney and splashing around with my makeshift roadside motel toys here in my newfound pool of comfort. Maybe it’s a letdown for you guys but for me it’s simply slice-o-heavenly delightfulness.

So now, though wickedly premature, I’ll stop writing for today. Don’t think it’s because I don’t care, just know that it’s because I do. I care so much in fact that I dare not tire you with the trivialities of a non-reporting, non-article day such as today.

Don’t worry though, I promise I’ll definitely (probably) have something of immense wisdom and unprecedented literary insight tomorrow… seriously though, I (almost) promise (though kinda not really).

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