40th Birthday Completely Disappointing (comic)

Imagine if you threw a war and nobody came? Well that would never happen, since you’d just invade their asses and claim them as your own. But you can throw a 40th birthday and watch it dissolve into nothing but wasted shrimp platters and countless empty chairs.

This comic is about exactly that. I’m not 40, but that’s not the point, and this comic isn’t quite rooted in reality.

I could go on for days, but I’ll spare you and just say that you can SCROLL DOWN to see the full comic.

Brian is on temporary personal leave but has left us with an innumerous backlog of comics to share until his return. Check back for daily updates.


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  1. Wow. We’ve all been there. Not me on my 40th (some time ago) but I get you. If this is rooted in truth, I’m sorry for it. You can make better friends if you make it an objective and be selfless with them.

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